Did we go to the Moon?

The tv conspiracy show was narrated by "Skinner" of the X-Files; and that was nothing short of pure brilliance. Remember folks, I was a conspiracy buff before I could drive a car, probably since 1980. "The Lunar Shuffle" (as we called it back then) is a very interesting topic. Conspiracy buffs are still patriotic. We appreciate the fact that we are free (enough) to IMAGINE a conspiracy of misrepresented information. God bless this screwed up America.

First point: Where is Hollywood? Is it in Russia, or America? Thank you.
Second point: Has ANY animal ever sent "near" the moon come back alive? No.
These 2 points, alone, were enough for me. But I remember the panic of the Cuban missile crisis, and the threat of a nuclear war with Russia. In fact, WE conspiracy buffs shut the hell up completely about this bad space movie. "WE can battle our own bureaucrats later; right now we've got to kick some Commie ass." Does this begin to make sense to your little spored-out MTV generation, or can you even imagine a threat so intense?

Let's argue about the flapping USA flag; let's argue about the lack of space dust movement--or the "perfect" boot-prints of our space walkers. Let's nitpick about double-shadows and the faulty cross-hairs in the pictures; please. (It was really entertaining to hear the tinge in Skinner's voice as he talked about this stuff.)

Well, it's time for me to make a stand, or at least make my points clear:
Do you find it interesting at all that nobody has tried to go to the moon in 30 years? Do you find it interesting at all that (in 2001) we still don't have an earth-based telescope to look at OUR flag on the moon's surface, or a satellite orbiting the moon to take pictures of OUR space car, OUR footprints, the indentations (or the base piece) from where OUR rocket took off, OR our flag?

Stay with me; we're NOT talking about rocket science here. We are talking about a bad space movie from 1969. Could the film have been doctored, exaggerated, glamorized, or trumped up? Yes. Would we want to look good to the world as we "walked" on the moon? Absolutely. So; bring me that list of all the animals that have come back from "near" the moon alive, and tell me where Hollywood is again.

They killed Kennedy in broad daylight--in front of thousands of people. Do you think that they COULDN'T also fake a movie? Now go back to your Carson Daly and TRL.

(From Sidebar 89, September 2006...)

"Referenced in national publications? Maybe. I am not the only fool out there who questions whether we went to the moon in 1969. Others are now asking (as I did back in 2001) why America doesn't have a telescope to look at our flag on the moon. It's because a flagpole on the moon would be nearly impossible to see from earth. Sorry. But why hasn't one of the THOUSANDS of satellites going around the moon taken a click or 2 of our space car, tire tracks, footprints, or our flag? There is where the discrepancy is; in 37 years, of hundreds of thousands of satellite pictures, never even one picture of anything American on the moon. Ever. Never ever. None. How fucking dumb does a sheep have to be in order to not grasp this? ONE picture. How about an ACCIDENTAL picture; like, 'Our satellite camera was trying to twist around and pick up part of a meteor shower, but we missed. Anyway; here's a photo of (the car, the flag, some tire tracks, or a spaceship landing piece) all the stupid shit we left littered up on the moon in 1969.' Hello?"

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