I wrote this death penalty thing back in January and apparently forgot about it. I like it when a little newspaper article enrages me at work. I get all huffy, and start talking to myself, and everybody leaves me alone. It's pretty cool.

The Death Penalty

(And a couple of jabs at the pro-lifers, too)

We're talking death now. I don't know where the problem is here. Death is the ultimate deterrent. If a criminal knows that he might lose his life for his crime(s), then that might stop him. If a criminal knows that he will not die for his crimes, then why should he care about any punishment? What is to stop that criminal? Other than death, the only form of "punishment" that exists is babysitting; prisoners get access to libraries, recreation rooms, 2 hours a day of computer time, free legal assistance, and catered food (Welcome to our medium-security prison system.).

I've got news for the rehab people; some people cannot be rehabilitated. And I've got news for the people who cry about some innocent people that have been put to death; nobody said that this world was perfect. What other idiots are left? The pro-lifers who feel that the death penalty is "morally wrong"? No; they kill doctors. Pro-lifers apparently like the death penalty for everybody but unborn babies. I have reworked the brains of tens of thousands of dumbass pro-lifers for 25 years; most of them are simply misinformed of the actual argument. Where the hell was I? Death penalty.

If you deal in death, then death shall be dealt unto you. Isn't there some bible thing that says 'an eye for an eye'? What is the argument against my OBVIOUSLY correct opinion here? At this point, I don't even know why I'm writing this commentary. Do you? Yes.

A survey of incoming freshmen at Universities around the country shows that more people than ever are against the death penalty. It's something like almost 40% of these kids think that the death penalty is wrong. My response? Who cares what these little dipshits think? Half of them are 18, the other half are younger, and most of them are primarily concerned with getting drunk, and/or getting laid. Incoming freshmen? Incoming freshmen haven't been date-raped, haven't had their cars broken into, and haven't had their apartments ripped off yet, Mr. Survey Man. If you want a real survey, go ask the graduating seniors what they think about the death penalty. That wasn't so difficult, huh? What else is there?

I've looked, hard, for an intelligent pro-life argument. There ain't one. Pro-lifers are just a bunch of (pay extremely close attention here) very emotionally charged people who like babies, but cannot argue a complicated premise. Hey; good for them.

The death penalty must have something to it that I have not yet seen. Perhaps the ultimate anti-death penalty argument exists, and I hope that it does, and I hope that I find it. But I'm guessing that my beliefs are still the truest. Economics are on my side with the death penalty, and so is the bible, and so is common sense; sure. But is it really that easy?

I beg you; click on the first link below and submit an intelligent argument for pro-life or against the death penalty. Thank you.

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