After 5 Years In The Contemplation Process...

Here It Finally Is...My

"Dark Angel" Commentary:

Many people still don't believe in conspiracy theories, and you have to respect that. No. You have to be amused by that. People are fascinating, aren't they? Let's not jump ahead though...

Did you love, or merely tolerate the X-Files; 1993-2000? The point is that very few people actually disliked Mulder and Scully. And they had the sexual tension thing, too. How on earth were we supposed to replace one of the best shows ever on television?

Easy; all we need is some skinny little 20 yr. old mocha hot chick who can kick ass, maybe even ride a motorcycle, and we'll put her in some post-apocolyptic city ruins, like Seattle, and let her run under the radar. Team her up with a sensitive, caring, 30-something crippled White guy genius, who is also rich, and also trying to beat the system, and we now have the ultimate male/female pairing. This was a brilliant idea for a tv show; remember this? Every X-Files fan was watching, every nearly-40 White guy was watching, every girl hoping to be empowered was watching; I venture to say that there is no way to measure who was NOT watching, because everybody was watching. Critics loved it, advertisers reworked their budgets to try and "get on" it, and everybody watching was already a fan; this potential franchise of "Dark Angel" (important plot point) walked in at #1, and was only going to get bigger and more popular. It's very important that you realize the significance of this enterprise from the perspective of the viewer. Either you get it, or you don't. My guess is that you don't.

This show had only one enemy; has it dawned on you yet? Remember the Dark Angel world? Groups of humans are bred to be obedient soldiers, and to help keep control. An electromagnetic "PULSE" frys all the computers, and the electrical grid. People must either live inside the "safety fence", and be controlled by the governmental rulers; or, they live outside the safety zone in only partially-organized anarchy. In order to be anonymous (or to have ANY freedom), a person must live "off the grid"; with no permanent address, and no cell phone (that tracks you). You can be free, or you can be monitored by everything you do; those are your 2 choices. Rule is by...fear. This show only had one enemy; has it dawned on you yet?

The "pulse" is coming. The devastated electrical grid is coming (rolling blackouts). The fences and concentration camps are coming (or are already here). Cell phones are already cooking and tracking human brains. Let's trade freedom for safety. Ladies and gentlemen; I submit to you that a television show so closely connected to the truth as we will live it could not be allowed to continue in the year 2001. 2001 was a year of substantial revelation--by the way. So; where are the re-runs of Dark Angel? Why doesn't Jessica Alba discuss the plot of Dark Angel in any of her interviews? She is more likely to talk about her co-starring in other people's movies than she is to talk about Dark Angel. That may be her choice, or she may have been told to deflect away from it. Shouldn't Jessica Alba be a little upset about the cancellation? Outraged?

Hang on now: let's not blame the mocha hot chick for anything; that is not my intent. I'm sure that Jessica Alba loved her starring tv role as much as we loved watching it; she may have been told to either shut up--or die (it happens). And then the show that everybody loved...totally and absolutely disappeared. There was no workforce strike, no FCC violations, no political incorrectness; nothing. The show blinked into hyperspace with no explanation. Gone. If you weren't paying attention TO the process, then you probably just considered this to be another good show that didn't "make it". But that is wrong. This show DID make it; this show had more going right for it than ANY tv show EVER had--it had already dethroned the X-Files in its first year. Fans loved it; critics loved it; the stations and sponsors loved it. Who else is there? Ratings were high and going higher. In fact, this show had only one enemy; has it dawned on you yet?

Horse; water, drink. Either you understand how conspiracy logic works, or you don't. My guess is that you don't. Amazon supposedly has DVD sets for the 2 seasons of Dark Angel still available; I suggest that you ignore them; keep surfing your internet, talk on your cell phone some more, and find new ways to need electricity. Me? I'm looking forward to this MAIN show being cancelled. Sleep tight.

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