Countdown to Misery
(The Crooked Sky Garden Tribute--Part 2)

The two-minute rush of an amusement park ride
Or some kind of earned praise, and its internal pride
A Summer camp romance; yes, the thrill and the pain
Understanding the view from the back of the train.

"Shallow depths" or "glass ceilings" can describe this fare
Because after the slow-dance you'll still smell her hair
And you thought you enjoyed it while the song did play
So many dances in life end in disarray.

Some things crash as surprise, and by then it's too late
So you'll curse corporate gods and remember the date
All the while wishing you knew that the end was near
Then you could have slow-danced more in the now and here.

This is your chance to know that a song is ending
To hold happiness tight, before hearts need mending
Because less than a year from now the 'Sky' will fall
But this countdown to misery is made more small.

An execution stayed does not victory make
But another full harvest is not a bad take
Considering the place could have been closed down when
All the papers were signed; that's like, two months back in.

Now the Wal-Mart must wait while the natural food grows
Tar buckets, stirred like cauldrons, will be nature's foes
But for nine more months the hippie produce will stay
(And) I'll go dance with more organic veggies today.

©2002 W. C. Davis

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