5 Years, 5 Weeks, and 5 Days After 9/11

By the way, I have finally gotten into this "energy drink" craze. I create my own energy drink at home--in a special container. In some cultures it's called "coffee". This is Folgers Fucking Gourmet Supreme, bitch; dark and brooding. It smells a little strong because I make it too strong. And after I've had 3 cups or so, I move on to my other energy drink; Code Red Motherfucking Mountain Dew! Stay tuned for more antics as I moon modern society.

Screw you; I'm just having some fun here. It's still hard to fathom how my little purple website was referenced (with many others) in the news, about my take on the "Lunar Shuffle". This is not a "news" site; honestly, I don't even know how to describe this online cry-for-help anymore--but it's not news. Jeezus; there was the tv show (in early 2001) with Mitch Pileggi ("Skinner" from the X-Files) that asked most of the right questions, and had most of the correct awkward silences--I was actually impressed. WTF do you need me up in here for? I question everything; the Roswell crash, Anne Frank's bullshit diaries / total deaths in the Holocaust, the Kennedy assasination, the AIDS cover up, the HEP C cover up, the corporate-chemical-drug-food chain, the distractionary high-fives between the government and the media; come on! This is too easy. But I keep being prodded, poked, and pointed toward a take on the WTC collapse in 2001.

Fine. But my conspiracy buddies aren't going to love this. It is actually convenient that we get to speak of the Lunar Shuffle--moving towards 9/11. Let me link them quickly for you; 9/11 was (possibly) the first government-approved killing of Americans since the dawn of easy internet access (1997-1999). The tv show about "Did We Go To The Moon In 1969?" was the first conspiracy tv show after 1999 (The tv show about alien life "Aliens Among Us" in 1999 also paved the way toward the upcoming point.). The 2001 Lunar Shuffle tv show was good; clever, insightful, and emotional. I knew then that I was watching something profound, but I didn't have the big picture. Now I do.

"Did We Go To The Moon" called for more investigation; there has been none. This tv show started rational, conservative people discussing the possibility that we common consumers may not know the whole story. Did we revolt? Did we demand explanations? Did we get any answers? No. This well-placed tv show (like the "Aliens Among Us" show) got us talking--but that's all. This tv show proved once and for all that our government can do (or not do) anything it wants, and the people are powerless to stop them. Democracy? Yeah; I've got your democracy right here. Our government will never have to explain the human/alien relationship, the Kennedy assasination, going/not going to the moon, etc. Here it is--the zinger for this commentary: Our government doesn't go back and explain anything, ever. They don't have to; they just get us talking about stuff.

So let's just say that we never went to the moon, and that aliens are real; humor me. The accepted stories are that we DID go to the moon, and that aliens are NOT real. So the U. S. government, more brilliant than anybody can imagine, sets up tv shows to the contrary of the actual understanding; maybe aliens are real, and maybe we didn't go to the moon. They're just ping-ponging what we THINK we already know here. And boy, did it ever get us talking amongst ourselves. We're arguing with each other, down here in the internet streets, while the devils run and laugh.

Q: Hey; what's the quickest way to squelch a conspiracy theory?

A: Give it some national press.

Right; 9/11. Sorry. Anybody watching tv that morning in 2001 could see that the towers were set up to crumble, and many announcers even said that on the air. Firefighters also said it was obviously a controlled demolition at the scene--and I would tend to believe (my own eyes, and) the heroes working in the actual burning buildings before I would believe the government media-spinners. Anybody who disagrees need only watch the footage of the 47-story building WTC #7 crumbling without being hit by anything. Oops. Still, there has been no national news explanation of how one building fell that was obviously set for implosion, but the twin steel towers melt-dropped from the heat alone, in a perfect made-for-tv sequence, with 1000+ cameras rolling. Sure they did. A huge point to argue is the actual speed that the buildings fell--the structures did crumble with barely any resistance at all. Google "9/11 Conspiracy" and see if you get the same 22.9 million hits I got (or more). What are we arguing about? We have been flooded with information here; not very much of it backs any part of the government story--most of it fans the conpiracy flames.

And while doing this commentary, I have learned of so many hundreds of other writers and authors--all coming to these same conclusions that I have. People with prestige, money, and much better resources than my access allows are publishing actual books about this. And good for them. But just the limited research I have done here for close to 2 months makes me (already) want to go whup some Washington ass--I can barely keep from screaming and diving back into the conspiracy freak mosh pit right now. I cannot imagine trying to keep my anger in check long enough to write a real book or anything.

4 planes and 5 years ago; I still haven't seen ONE fucking black box yet. So maybe the 2 tower black boxes "burned up" in the televised controlled demolition of the Trade Center. But there's a box that was shot down now--I like the way that story changed; have you heard about this yet? My guess is that it will become a "real" news story in a couple of months. Passengers did NOT take over any highjacked plane; Flight 93 crashed because it was "shot down" by one of our scrambled F-16 fighter jets. (The ground in PA does not support the idea that any plane crashed there, but that's another story. The point is that the government is already changing the Pennsylvania passenger-hijack crash lie with a NEW shot-down-by-one-of-our-scrambled-jets crash lie.) All of that previous government-approved flag-waving for American heroes on one plane who stood up to the evil terrorists--that was all bullshit propaganda (go look it up). Movies were made about this fake-assed shit to get us all riled up; "Let's Roll!", so, are you all riled up yet? There's a black box from a PA field somewhere, it was "found" on 9/11/2001 (look it up), and there's another black box lightly imbedded in the actual fucking Pentagon somewhere--according to the offical story; the OFFICIAL story is that a plane crashed into the Pentagon--so where's the box? Am I going too fast for you? Black boxes, people; try to keep your eyes on the prize. No black box equals no plane. Some government reports had our government recovering at least 2 black boxes, reviewing both of them, and deciding that there was NO information worth revealing (look it up). Are you kidding me? Play those fucking black box recordings on prime-time national tv; or, there were no plane crashes.

As in: "Why Don't They?" We haven't even forced the government to FAKE a couple of black boxes with their President-approved, oil company sermons--and they can fake anything. We haven't forced the government to do anything to explain all the anomalies of their 9/11 story--and there are thousands. Thousands. They'll say they are too busy fighting wars with countries that do NOT host bin Laden, but DO host oil. Do you get it yet? We don't matter to our government--we are just sheep who consume at the mall and gas pumps. Was 9/11 an insider, conspiracy, Bush-backed plan? Here is my 2-part answer: Probably; and, it does not matter. The government is laughing at the fact that they don't have to explain anything to anybody--they just occaisionally change details of a story to keep it up to date. How many fake Flight 93 movies are out already; 4? 5? (There are 2, pay-per-view--on my tv right now, and another one currently at the local mall theaters.) I said that this essay would disappoint.

Hold tightly to whatever it is that you believe about whatever actually happened that September 2001 morning in New York. The point is that you are down here, like me, on a computer--arguing with other idiots like us, on computers. We have been flooded with enough information to prove every aspect of this government lie. This is the greatest lie ever sold...since the fake moon landing in 1969. Do yourself a favor and go see the movie "Who Killed The Electric Car?". America is not addicted to oil; but our present government's OBSESSION with oil is such that they are capable of any action, creation of myths to support those actions, changing their own myths to better support their actions, and creating distractions--with new actions. The 6+ weeks of research done on this subject have uncovered facts that terrify and shame me as an American citizen. Go and look this shit up yourself.

God Bless America; now get me the fuck outta here.

Another good example: 2004 vote-counting (and more elections due November 7th). We already know (sort of), from exit polls, that 2 out of 3 people voted for John Kerry to be President. In some places, exit polls had 3 out of 4 people voting for Kerry. This is not news--the exit polls were actually COUNTED. So; how does the government get to the conclusion that over 60% of us voted for Bush? They're just making shit up--that's what they do. And they will never have to go back and explain anything. Have a nice day.

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