Chase It All Night Long

It's something quite trivial
A detail, yes it's true
And praising any detail
Is very tough to do.

Try once again in hopes to find
Some measure of success
Profound discretion from my mind
Of the detail I like best.

To jump up, spread my legs, and spin
To catch a humming "B"
In a lit-up Marta station
Or when with Stan, standing by the sea.

To tap that plastic eighty times
To tip it with both feet
To see it thrown, and as it climbs
Race for it down the street.

To chase it all night long, why not?
To throw it sixty yards
To make each toss an excellent shot
Dive for it over cars.

To sweat and smile and love it all
This time is heaven kissed
A frisbee junkie's mating call
"Hey man, let's throw some disc!"

1985 WetSpot Poetry

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