Breeding Stupidity

I am not making this up. The information below is from the 1990 U. N. World Summit for Children. During this second week of May 2002, many heads of state will be meeting at the follow-up; the United Nations General Assembly of Children. Okay, so let's get to it:

Every 24 seconds, 100 babies are born around the world. The world has 2.1 billion children. But since the people who might venture to my website cannot fathom 2.1 billion, we'll just concentrate on the 100 crying victims born in the last 24 seconds. Allright? Try to stay with us now.

100 kids; got it? More than half of them are Asian, with almost 20 of them born in India alone. Only 8 were born in the industrialized world. 27 won't be immunized against easily preventable illnesses, and 20 won't even have access to clean drinking water (Excuse me for stepping on myself here, but if you don't have access to clean drinking water, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HAVING A BABY? Oh wait; that's right, you're a WOMAN. Never mind.)

Of these 100 babies, 18 will never spend one day in school. 20 more will never reach the 5th grade. 25 of these children will be working 40+ hours a week by the age of 10.

Wow, huh? Somebody has been doing a GREAT job of keeping these statistics hidden for 12 years. These are the facts we needed when Bill Hicks was still with us--but that's another story. Wouldn't this be a fun read for all those little pregnant 14 yr. old girls (and younger) who think it is their right to have a baby?

I'd like to have a whole list of facts comparing the breeding in North America to the rest of the world; at least American women MIGHT look smarter by comparison, maybe. But then again, we have the advanced stupidity of "conflicted" repeat abortionists, single moms, test-tubers, surrogates, gay parenthood, and racial mixing; so I can't be sure. In fact, I have already wasted more than enough of my RATIONAL thought here. AS IF this world needs ONE more child. I just shake my head and giggle at you people. Hee-hee.

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