Brad Pitt Rocks!

We're down in Louisiana today; trying to help the locals get back in touch with their surroundings. We're gonna have to build new homes, refurbish other homes, and create new ways to think about "homes" for a new Century. Brad Pitt is good, and he's doing good things in a place that needs good things done. He wears a hat, and glasses; he does not draw extra attention to himself. Brad Pitt is a part of the solution. God Bless Brad Pitt.

I don't know about his Blockbuster movies, and don't care about his current or past relationships (but, dating Rachel, and then Tomb Raider make for a nice resume, though). I'm not concerned about his parenting skills; hell, I don't know enough ABOUT the man to cast any judgements upon him. I saw ONE Brad Pitt movie back in 1994, Kalifornia, and Mr. Pitt didn't even get top-billing in that. However, I have absolutely no problem with Brad Pitt, and now have new respect for him. Please allow me to explain. Gather 'round:

Bad Brad is down in New Orleans right now. He is helping, over-seeing, or possibly just by BEING there he creates more photo-opportunities of the current situation. And this is good. We all know that Louisiana is underwater, and still in nearly complete shambles from storms 2 years ago; our governtment is too busy passing bucks around to do any real work. But Brad Pitt is down in the bayou touring the winning entries of the 2006 design competition for home-building, launched by Mr. Pitt and Global Green USA.

Since everybody WANTS to be more green, but nobody is actually doing anything about it, Brad Pitt figured out that a good way to promote "green" homebuilding would be to emphasize the money-saving features. Going one step further, the people who need to save the most money would be the poor people of the world. People like the homeless, and people put-out of their homes by disasters and such--like Katrina, these people make excellent candidates for green-building. There's no mention of expenses in "converting" to green; Brad wants to point out the money to be saved by doing it this way from the start. Let's start green, and stay green.

Brad Pitt is a freaking genius; and so is this Global Green USA group. These "green houses" in Louisiana have walls treated with a nontoxic repellant for mold and termites, energy-saving appliances, a cistern, water-conserving toilets, soy-based insulation, paperless drywall and solar panels. These incredible residences are designed to ease the bills of low-income families. Electricity bills will be cut 75%, and water use will be cut 50%. Yes; let's all save some money.

Why is this taking so long? Where is the outrage by New Orleans residents about how long it is taking to get back to some sense of order? Wait; sorry. I'm going from detail to concept, and that confuses idiots like you.

I am glad that these Global Green USA homes are getting a tiny bit of attention. Thumbs up, and beers all around to Global Green, Brad Pitt, and anybody else who is trying to remedy the ills amidst the north Gulf of Mexico coastline. Thank God Brad Pitt is down there; seriously, WITHOUT Brad Pitt down there, would ANYBODY be taking pictures of anything? Would there be ANY reporting? I am really tired of fluff news stories.

So here is what to take from this story: "Brad Pitt is getting things done." I wish there were more people like Brad Pitt; thinking about solutions. Good job!

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