Black Triangles

Two people I consider much more intelligent than I have asked me to comment on the black triangles; both asked for the exact same 2 reasons: #1; the complete crash-and-burn on my attempt at a 9/11 commentary (thank you). And #2; I was working--on the radio, March 13, 1997--the night of the Phoenix lights, and fielded a few dozen calls from some interested (and interesting) people. Sure. WTF? Are you saying that I represent part of the media on the night of the Phoenix Lights? Holy sh!t; I guess I do! My bad.

...It was just 2 months ago, 11-7-06, at O'Hare airport in Chicago, that they had a real, live documented UFO sighting that cannot be explained. It was NOT a black triangle; it was a hovering circular object that eventually burned a hole through the clouds as it took off. This was AT the airport; it was seen by pilots, mechanics, and other airport employees; it was caught on hundreds of cameras. This is important stuff here--one might think. 2 months ago, at one of the busiest airports in the world, there was a huge, unexplained UFO seen by thousands. What have you heard?...

Much (some) of the following information was blatantly stolen from a January story in Conspiracy Journal; stolen with complete disregard for journalistic integrity, and then made to appear as if this information just rolled coherently through my typing fingers, with no cussing or insults whatsoever. These words, then, were most obviously NOT written by me. Deal with it--you drooling, inbred saucer-chaser. My apologies to whomever that semi-intelligent "Spooky Paradigm" person is. It's a good article.

Source: Spooky Paradigm

Here's what I stole: "There are numerous cases, but the four most famous Triangle cases that define the others are: the Hudson Valley sightings (1983 - 1985, see the book Night Siege for details, put back in print in 2002), the Belgian sightings (March 30, 1990), the Phoenix Lights (March 13, 1997), and the Illinois "Cop" Case (January 5, 2000 documented at a great page at the UFO Evidence website)."

Forget Phoenix in 1997 for a minute; look at the Hudson Valley sightings from 14 years before (1983), and add in the Illinois police case from 2000. It's tricky math, so let me calculate for you that we are now covering 17 years total. Take a breath. These are multiple responsible witness sightings (like cops, doctors, emergency workers, etc.), covering 3 decades here. Hundreds of people listed right here; maybe tens of thousands more total. These witnesses never wanted to be in a situation like this--scolded or praised (both) for things they saw. Their accounts are justified by the other witnesses, all recorded, calibrated, and documented; and these accounts are not in the "UFO nut-jobs" file. This is real, live investigative journalism that ends with a real,

That's what is so messed up; NOBODY has an answer. I don't think that the American government is hiding something THIS time, because if they were, then there would be some kind of 'okay people, move along now--nothing to see here' thing going. But there's not.

So anyway; back to me me me. On the radio that night in 1997, I got one call from a guy somewhere who was calm. If you don't know me, then let me slide in here and say that I think that aliens have been watching us closely since the 1940's. This is not news to me; Deep Throat said to Mulder in 1993 "Mr. Mulder, THEY'VE been here for a long, long time.", and I couldn't agree more. Back to 1997 and the calm guy on the phone; he asked me what I thought of the whole deal. At the time, that night, I had to assume this was an alien ship, cruising slow and low across the Phoenix sky. What I thought 'of the whole deal' was that the aliens were letting us KNOW that they were watching. As in; it's no longer a deniable secret now: "We are watching you." What do I think about it? Big, fat, whup. (I think those were my exact words.) Conspiracy theorists don't sit around waiting to be acknowledged, or at least I don't. I already KNOW that I'm right.

And as you may recall, starting on March 14th, 1997 there wasn't much talk of 'about last night' ever again. Maybe there was some in Arizona, but not nationally. And I do need to do a little more research on the 2000 case, which was hushed up very nicely, but here is how I see it as of January 2007:

How are we still alive? I don't know exactly what the link is, but there is some kind of link between the beings on these large, documented crafts and the new world government somewhere. These huge ships are the slave ships that will take us to the other world where we will eventually be phased out of existence. Not to insult either the Germans or the Jews, but (I think) the complete human "Holocaust" will happen via these huge ships. The human virus experiment here has failed miserably; we're only being kept alive now so that our constant and calculated devastational processes can be cited and mocked. Why else would humans still exist? Did somebody lose a bet?

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