10 Reasons Why I Want Barry Bonds to Hit More
Than 70 Homers This Year

#1 He deserves it. He had a fantastic college career at Arizona State, and he's been one of the top 10 overall professional baseball players every year for the past 15 years.

#2 Continuing that "every year for the past 15 years" thought, he's NOT a budding young prodigy; he's an old man like me.

#3 Unlike 1998, this is a fairly quiet story because Bonds doesn't like the media, doesn't trust reporters, and REALLY doesn't like to answer stupid questions about home run records. In fact, I want to see Barry Bonds say
"Bite Me."
with about 100 microphones in his face.

#4 To be perfectly honest, nobody saw this coming. Bonds may average 35 homers a year, but he's never hit 50, right? Didn't McGwire hit 49 in his rookie season?

#5 Continuing the McGwire comparisons (as if nobody else will), McGwire takes some drug that is illegal in every sport BUT baseball. Bonds doesn't promote any drug, or, any product that I can remember. Was he even on a Wheaties box when he hit 30-30?

#6 Mark McGwire is built like the Terminater. He should be able to hit home runs with one arm. Bonds is, at best, medium build with muscles. Real muscles from 6 months in a gym. More...

#7 Barry is on a personal crusade. The Giants (also his Hall-Of-Fame father Bobby Bonds' team) didn't want to renegotiate his contract before this season. Barry just wanted to prove that he was worth it, so he started weight-training.

#8 With San Francisco in a 5 team battle for the wildcard slot (as of 8-12-01), it is likely that the Giants will miss the post-season. Bonds' "Run for 71" gives the whole world a reason to pay attention to the Giants. Go Barry!

#9 My 4 Barry Bonds rookie baseball cards were all worth less than $10 apiece before this season.
That is shameful.

#10 I want for Barry to hit his 71 homers...And then 20 different teams will offer him $20 million a year...And then I want for him to say "You know what? Screw all of you. I quit. I'm going to go spend some time with my family."

Let the record show that I do not know Barry Bonds. I've never met him, and do not expect to. I also do not know what he intends to do after this season. I am a fan, and that is all. Thank you.

W. C. Davis--Phoenix, AZ

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