April's Tow

Before we get to the poem, "April's Tow", let me tell you about it: This poem is made up of consecutive 3 and 4 syllable lines, with a triple rhyme scheme-containing a double verse link. I have never read, written, or even heard of a more complicated poem than this, but somehow it still reads well. I hope you enjoy it. Obviously, it's very fast.

April's Tow:

With confidence,
Some myst'ry
And flowing sweet.

So simply
Standing complete.

And now she
Has smiled at me;
Alas, this
Angel has dared:
Her action,
My attraction
This strong bliss
Should not be spared.

I will walk
Toward and talk
To a breeze
Of April's tow;

'Round corner veered
Moment seized
For her, I go.

My words will
The fresh air fill;
Eyebrows raised,
She will see clear;

To follow, try
'Round corner I
Stand amazed;
No one is here.

1989 WetSpot Poetry

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