Before we get to this mess;

A short message from the lunatic in charge here:


Summer 2005; my website had complaints filed against it because of implied threats and harsh language (me?). So I was informed that this website would be shut down if an investigation proved these complaints factual. I protested, and cited the 3 disclaimers atop this website--all 3 disclaimers come before any harsh language or threats. Upon further review, this website may continue to exist. Any persons who feel so offended that they need to complain should again read the many disclaimers that follow--then they should never read anything on this website again, and possibly they should all go develop new hobbies. This internet thing is no place for people who are easily offended.
Bite me.


Almost Shut Down:

The Story Of My Website In August, 2005

Hey people! I'm still here--for the most part. There has been more than just a little drama in my world here. Most of it; not all of it, but MOST of it is not even my fault.

There will be no more personal news for you (awww); it created too much conflict here. I know you're heartbroken, but that's the way it goes. Anonymous bitchy women on the internet have been trying to get this site shut down for years--though not recently. This is the first time that people (somewhat near me) who have acted as though they were my friends (maybe) have tried to shut me down. And some of these people trying to shut me down may have been sincerely offended by words here--they may not have known how this site works--they perhaps were just bum-rushed by some high school mentality; some of the offended perhaps deserve apologies--I'm working on that right now. There are exactly 2 people in my new surroundings who 'live for the drama', and 1 who disrespected the well-explained rules about the "phone call curfew" at my house--although HE later apologized politely.

After somebody was told to not ever give my phone number out, he gave out my phone number at 11 pm on a Friday night--resulting in a very disruptive phone call to my house--long after we do not wish to receive phone calls. Giving my # out was very disrespectful. It seems like such a simple rule to me (please don't give my phone number out, and don't call me after 9 pm); common courtesy, even. I was offended because at least 2 people had to disrespect me for this to happen. I responded by blaming an entire establishment (a bar), and that was WRONG on my part. It is possible that I may have unintentionally offended some people who have done me no dishonor, people who do not understand the concept behind this website, and I hope to resolve the issues with those people soon enough. The maximum number of people to blame here is just 3; and as I said, the 1 guy has apologized. I have received no apologies from the 2 people seeming to be my friends; in fact, the one directly quoted below demanded an apology FROM me--for scaring him. I granted his apology--because I'm such a nice f-cking guy. It took me awhile to figure out the "whos" and "hows" of my current rumor-mill dilemma; the "whys" are not relevant. If a person bad-mouths me behind my back, any person, then he is going to feel some wrath from me somewhere. I CHOOSE to do it here; with words on a screen--rather than get into a soap opera or confrontation. Intelligent people usually understand that.

2 guys turned out to be; well, less than friendly. Their rantings, misquotes of the actual words on this webpage, and their enthusiastic accusations meant to cause turmoil for me succeeded brilliantly. It's not all that surprising, I guess. Maybe it's just one of those things where you hope for more respect than you actually get. This is certainly not the first time it has happened to me--it won't be the last, either.

Since...January of 1999 (give or take a month or 2) my website has been a NON-VIOLENT release for my anger and frustration with life. It has never had less than 2, and currently has 4 total dislclaimers WARNING about the extreme content here--you even have to scroll down through at least 30 lines of "blank" to get to it. (These disclaimers, and the physical scrolling the reader must do--past the warnings--have allowed this website to remain active for now.) I call anybody who comes to this website a moron, a mistake, AND an idiot; and wish death upon all who do visit here. I PROMISE to offend ALL; look at me--making good on my promises!

Did you see Pat Robertson, the tv preacher, call for death on that Venezuelan President guy, Hugo Chavez? That was on tv (not a website), in front of millions of people. And ol' Pat's website is still up (I checked). Yeah; my website's not going anywhere, dude.

Let me give you an example of what I'm dealing with here. No misquoting; I'll pull these words directly from one of his e-mails: "...Your website is not some sanctum where you can badmouth and threaten anybody you feel like without consequences..." Is that fantastic, or what? "Welcome to my sanctum..." And it IS nice to get a pissed off e-mail with big words, good spelling, and correct puncuation. But it does make me wonder if he's ever seen a person's individual website before--he certainly hasn't seen any of the entertaining ones I frequent. Is there any other purpose FOR the website of a pissy, nihilistic dreamer currently in a writing slump? It's MY website--MY world. I make ALL the rules here--I pay to be here. This is amusing! Here's the the term I'm going to keep going back to; "non-violent". See? This place provides me with an alternative to violence. Thank goodness the people at Earthlink agree with me.

These "talkative" people near me, obsessed with such a high school mentality (and that is EXACTLY what this is), should (quit talking about me, and) go create their own websites. Brilliant! Then you can crap-talk anybody you want, anyway you want to do it. Impress me enough, and I'll grant you a link from my site to yours. You can join the 'fat girl alliance' of me-haters out there--now THAT'S a group you can identify with, huh?

Let the record show that I am being nice here; much nicer than I meant to be. I have been accused of many things by some of these people--even randomly perpetrated acts of violence...I have not cursed anyone, or exacted revenge of ANY kind for the ways that THEY react to being disrespected...A crime was committed, and you think I'm involved; I suggested dusting for my fingerprints, motherf-cker. Why didn't you, you accusatory pussy? You obviously seem to think that you can 'badmouth me without consequences'. Good luck, fudge bitch.

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