Alien Disc

Do they even know fun
     Or can they exercise
Can those aliens run
     Or, can't their heart rates rise?

Can aliens drink beer
     Can they smoke anything
Is there a party here
     What'd those little 'greys' bring?

Well, I've got a frisbee
     Truthfully, I've got nine
We'll throw for accuracy
     Or for distance, that's fine.

Now just find a good grip
     That will work well for you
I'll teach you the wrist flip
     You can smoke my pipe, too.

Space travel isn't boring
     It's just beyond my view
And I'm not ignoring
     Communications due.

But we can talk later
     Your mission, we'll complete
For now, let us savor
     As this moment is sweet.

You are here; so are we
     Watch our lives merge and grow
So let's throw some frisbee
     We'll save worlds tomorrow.


©2001 WetSpot Poetry

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