Adoption is no Option

I could make my point in 2 sentences, but how much fun would that be? Inspired by a bunch of (unsupervised?) pre-school kids hanging out right at the front door of my job, I wondered why there are pre-schools. Why isn't there a woman somewhere, for each one of these kids, teaching and training these kids for school and society? And that's when many different answers hit me...

The kids are in pre-scool because the mom is too busy with something else right now. In fact, there are tens of millions of kids in orphanages (more like 24 million) because the mom is off doing something else now. It is SO obvious to me (and to NOBODY else) that women just want to grow babies inside of their own bodies. Women don't care about parenting or providing a good environment for offspring; these women just want to grow/shit out kids.

Try to tell some woman who wants a baby that there are millions of babies/children to adopt, and watch her squirm away from that idea. Why? A woman doesn't want some kid that grew inside some OTHER woman (obviously there must be something wrong with that child). And, as always, women think it is their right to breed. Ask one; I'm not making this up.

Well shit. All my points are made. And I SO wanted to bash women for a full 5 paragraphs. A responsible girl at work said that the adoption process is screwed up and time-consuming; and she asks about the couples who want to adopt because they CAN'T have children. (Right; 2 decent points.) THOSE couples want to adopt BABIES; otherwise there wouldn't be 20+ million CHILDREN sitting in orphanages; thank you. As for the screwed up adoption processing (which should take about 9 months--like a real pregnancy), the government ought to be handing out crack babies to anyone willing; duh.

EVERY truth; even mine here, has a 5% exception rate. But adoption is no option for some stupid bitch who wants to grow/shit out a kid. She doesn't care about motherhood, a family unit, money, or her own life that she is throwing away; she just wants to make a baby. Bite me.

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