Addicted To Oil

So...The Saudi Port Deal fell through, but don't worry! Now we can fall back on President Bush's claim that America is "addicted to oil". This is going to be fun.

It has been my pleasure, my PLEASURE to be ahead of the curve on many issues of public importance over the past thirty years; alien life, perpetual motion, sealing the borders, steroids, medical marijuana, etc. But this time it ain't about me. When was Son of a Bush's speech; a couple of weeks ago? He got up there on t.v., an oil billionaire, and said that America was 'addicted to oil'. You were either there, or you heard about it. It's not like a secret or anything.

Did you hear the snickering of his billionaire oil buddies in the background? In this fake free market of corporate commercials...wait for it; what (exactly) are our choices? I live in a state that actually cares about the environment; there are people here who would pay MORE to use a bio-based fuel for our limited needs. I would. Did you know that our cars CAN run on vegetable oil, used frying oil; they can even run on hemp oil (I'm not making this up)? Where are the choices that we snub...and then choose to go back to the Bush Family Oil Addiction? That's what YOUR little paper puppet President just said; he said that we CHOOSE to be addicted to oil. That's not just a lie; hell, Clinton lied and we still like him. 'Addicted to oil'; that's a conclusion based on the ABSENCE of a workable premise. Speaking as a person who knows a LITTLE about addictions; you must CHOOSE to be addicted, King Georgie. An "addicted" person must bypass common sense, sacrafice sacred things, and then march down a destructive path--all while knowing it's a bad decision; I've walked it, witnessed it, and wiggled back from it. "Oil" is no addiction; "oil" is simply the worst option that is (no longer so) readily available.

You let this little weasel (no offense to actual weasels) say shit like we're 'addicted to oil' and then you don't even call him out on it. He's a mumbling dimwit. Have you ever heard Bush #1 EVER say anything about being proud of his business failure son? No. And you won't. Nobody likes him, and even less people trust him. I don't. It's kind of fun watching his own party run away from him, but that's hardly the point here.

And you watch. You wait and see; this little oil barrel will find a way to stay in office after 2008. He'll put so many retards in positions of power that we won't know how to get rid of him, OR them. He has almost dissolved the entire middle class, and will, BEFORE 2008--if we let him. Impeach him? Hell; imprisoning him at this point would not be enough.

I don't know how much more of this I can take. The world IS a really screwed up place, but America used to make sense, almost. I never envisioned myself among the hippies yelling "Hey, don't blame me for this crap.", but now here I am. My girlfriend won't go with me to Mexico, or (trust me) we'd already be down there. If we're still here, and still of this fake American democracy in 2008, I will vote for #1 Fred Reed and #2 Keith Olbermann to lead this country back toward semi-common sense. We'll never make it, of course, but the journey would be brighter.

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