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Imagine my shock when I saw this little blurb on my girlfriend's website. She NEVER talks about herself; I didn't even know half of the stuff that she wrote down here. So; you can learn a little about her, and then some parallelled universe stuff about me, too. Good luck:

Static Girl says:

I was born somewhere in Indiana in 1973.

When I was 6 years old, my family moved to England.

When I was 10, we moved to Wichita, Kansas.

When I was 13 or 14 (?), we moved to Shreveport, Louisiana.

I did my senior year of high school in Iowa.

I started college in Kirksville, Missouri.

I finished college (just 5.5 years!) in Fort Collins, Colorado.

I have a Bachelors of Science. Never mind what I studied.

In 1997, I moved to Athens, Georgia.

At some point I met my SO and we moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2000.

And in 2005, I was sick of the desert and we moved up to Oregon.

I kinda like it here, and I think we might stay here a little bit longer.

Wow. Wasn't that revealing? I thought so. Now let me twist it around and add all kinds of unnecessary crap to it:

The Overnight Guy says:

I was born somewhere in Illinois in 1965.

When I was 3 years old, my family moved to Atlanta, GA.

In 1973, my family moved to a smaller house, in a different part of Atlanta. Soon after, my MoM would keep this house in the divorce, and my DaD would move to another place in Atlanta. Against my will, I bounced back and forth between them.

In 1980, my parents traded legal custody of me (I guess, it's not like they tell me anything) so that I could finish high school in DaD's neighborhood.

In 1982 I died in a car wreck that was completely my fault. I missed a couple of months of high school, but wound up graduating early anyway.

In 1983 I started college in Atlanta.

In 1985 I moved to Athens, GA to continue college. But I flunked out after 5 quarters. (Later, in the early 90's, I completed enough Independent Study to be a "senior" in college--and still am today.)

In 1993 I started to work part-time at a local Athens radio station. By 1996 I was on-air 36 hours per week.

In 1997, Static Girl became my next-door neighbor.

In January 1998 I was fired from the radio station. With some free time during 1998 and '99, Static Girl and I became closer.

In January of 2000, I asked Static Girl to move to Arizona with me. She said "Okay."

In 2005 she said 'Let's go to Oregon.' I said "Okay.".

In January 2010, now, we are still enjoying Oregon enough to stay here.

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