A Pinball Question

A Pinball Question

Is a great save better than a really good shot?
Staying alive, or nailing the angled sweet spot?
The pinballer's mindset can be boiled down to this;
'It's not about the ball, but the flippers you kiss.'

How will you first send the silverball on its path?
Where it goes, how it flows; that is all aftermath
Offense, or defense; as the "context" bounces through
To control; or, to continue motion, would you?

A good shot merely means that a circuit's complete
Set up / follow through; there's no thinking on your feet
A great save means "reaction"; art, new to the mix
'Crisis resolution' instead of 'standard tricks'.

The panic reboot; or, the chill of cheating death
Forces you to refocus, perhaps catch your breath
A save feels better than any shot you might make
That quick wake-up call reminds you of what's at stake

You cannot control when the ball stutters or glides
YOU can only work with the buttons on the sides;
So remember; good shots are really nice to view
But those 'spontaneous saves'? That's what pin-wizards do.

W. C. Davis


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