9/11 and Moon-Landing Conspiracies

(It's already an update--scroll down for the 11-4-08 additions.)

Are you kidding me? We're STILL dicking around with this shit? I have done writing on these issues. And since I am the KING of oversimplification, please let me make this TOO easy for even YOUR DUMB ASS TO SCREW IT UP; PAY ATTENTION:

Moon Landings? Sure. We left a flag, a rocket base, and a space car on the surface, supposedly. There are 1000 or more satellites that orbit/have orbitted the moon, and they all take hundreds of thousands of pictures. Show me a, "A", singular, just ONE fucking picture of the American flag, the rocket base, or the space car we left. It's been 40 years, and there has NOT BEEN ONE PICTURE SHOWN OF THE WHITE TRASH WE LEFT ON THE SURFACE OF THE MOON. HELLO? DUH, DUH, DIPSHIT. WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON. I am so glad that we had this little chat. Buh-bye.

What else? 9/11? Yes. Black boxes were discovered for at least 2 of the crashing "airplanes". Play the black box recordings for the world. If it's really scary, then the whole world will join us in crushing terrorism, or some shit--maybe the rest of the world can go invade Afghanistan or Iraq for no good reason--I don't know. But until a black box recording from at least ONE of those planes is played, that means there were NO planes. ZERO. Not "4"; NO, NOT EVEN ONE. NONE. Again; thank you again for this lovely chat. Buh-bye.

Is there anything else I can help you with today? I had many paragraphs to explain my theories above, but I went a different way: Oversimplified. Minimalist. Bottom Line. This may be the new me, as I search for the detonating device. I will now go continue my "search" at the bar.

Okay. Back from the bar--a few days after putting up this commentary, and my e-mailbox is full of comments like 'Yeah, yeah; oversimplified is good--but add another zinger to both subjects.' This I can do.

The moon "landings". (Parenthetical tidbits don't count; but NASA has already admitted that EVERY "film" ever seen of our "being" on the moon was done in a Hollywood studio--because the "actual" footage was too grainy. Ha.) While America is over here wading through financial crises and presidential appointments, China is doing its own space dance. On 9-26-08, a Chinese astronaut did their first space-walk, and first wave of a Chinese flag in space. Ready for the zinger? China plans to be able to put their first man on the moon possibly AS EARLY AS 2020. Okay? Do the math with me; 12 MORE years before China lands on the moon--but we "went" there 40 years ago. So what our government is saying is that we are 52 years SMARTER than the Chinese? Ha. I'm done here.

9/11 plane crashes. Sure. Never forget WTC 7; across the street and down the road from any of the "plane crashes". Our government's story is that the heat from a block away "dissolved" WTC 7. Really? No other buildings in the neighborhood dropped, but 7 dropped in the exact same manner as the 2 towers. Coincidence? Days later came the story that WTC 7 was a controlled demo (okay--why?); but the towers were definitely dropped by the caveman bin Laden. Now go back to sleep.

Invented inside this commentary--my new call to the masses is:


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