5 Songs You Play AT LEAST ONCE Every Week

"Lazy" -- Deep Purple

"Time" -- Pink Floyd

"Bicycle Song" -- Orbit

"Add It Up" -- Violent Femmes

"Everything's Magic" -- Angels and Airwaves

Okay; THAT was the exercise. I am done. It's all dribble from here:

'Dribble' here: "Lazy" is the first song I play on a public jukebox; Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" is usually the second jukebox song.

"Time" is still my favorite song of all time, and I play it often.

"Bicycle Song", by Orbit, is the best "unknown" song I ever got to play on the radio. "Bicycle Song" is the theme song for my FCP; it's also Captain Beach Bum's favorite song from my weird radio days. (When people ask me about the best unknown songs I ever got to play, I say "Bicycle Song" first, then 3 Penny Needle's "Stain" second. In fairness; 3 Penny Needle did AT LEAST 3 of the 10 best unknown songs I ever got to play.
Maybe 4.)

"Add It Up" has always been my favorite Violent Femmes song. YOU know it (and I learned it) as the song where singer (Gordon Gano) asks 'Why can't I get just one fuck?'.

"Everything's Magic" is one of the best radio songs, ever. I have an ear for these things sometimes; and I felt it from the first listen to this song in early 2008.


Even though a good copy of "Add It Up" didn't come to my collection until 2008, and the EXISTENCE of "Everything's Magic" did not happen until almost 2008, these two songs are as important as any to me, and DO get played at least once per week.

Because music is so vital to me, and to my Static Girlfriend, we both hear lots of music daily. Together; she and I share roughly 3 hours per week of 5 discs on random play. So we get a differing, weekly, 3-hour mix of these 5 CD's:

Garbage -- Version 2.0
Garbage -- garbage
various artists for the MASSES (Depeche Mode tribute)
Nine Inch Nails -- The Fragile (left)
Nine Inch Nails -- The Fragile (right)

I feel it is important to mention these 5 discs on random play because without them I would play more NIN every week, and Static Babe would play more Garbage. In fact, without these, I would also play more Shirley (Garbage), and she would play more Trent (NIN). And, for the record, OUR song together is Depeche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence", which Failure covers brilliantly on the tribute disc. Without this tribute disc, we definitely would play more Depeche Mode weekly, too.

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