12 Reasons Americans Are So Angry

With Overnight Guy Comments!

#1) "There simply are not enough jobs for everyone." There are 5.5 people for every available job as of February, 2010.

Overnight Guy's Comment: I don't think that "jobs" are the answer to this new economy. There will be community cooperatives, bartering, and fairly simplistic "trading" of goods and services. It will be much closer to an economy of the type before a monetary dynamic was established.

#2) More Americans than ever find themselves having to rely on the U.S. government just to survive.

Overnight Guy's Comment: I am one of 40 million+ Americans getting food stamps.

#3) Foreclosures continue to set records across the United States.

Overnight Guy's Comment: Tent cities; nice.

#4) As unemployment and foreclosures continue to soar, “tent slums” have started popping up all over the United States.

Overnight Guy's Comment: Oop. Now they're "tent slums".

#5) But even with all of these economic problems, the price of food is going up.

Overnight Guy's Comment: Amazing. Here; have some more GMO corn--and the price went up!

#6) Due to the exploding government debt, the American people are going to be confronted with some tough choices.

Overnight Guy's Comment: Exploding government? Bill Maher said that the US spends $400 billion per year JUST IN INTEREST on our debt. We can't even GET to the principle.

#7) Meanwhile, corruption in the financial system is running rampant.

Overnight Guy's Comment: The financial corruption is to distract you from the government corruption.

#8) But the biggest fraud is being committed by the boys at the top of the food chain.

Overnight Guy's Comment: Right. Ooooo, I know; hey Barak, let's go invade Mars now!

#9) Almost all financial experts agree that the era of super cheap money is over and that interest rates are about to rise significantly.

Overnight Guy's Comment: Super cheap money?

#10) One of the biggest things that the American people are upset about is the “health care reform” bill that was just rammed down their throats. It turns out that “health care reform” is actually going to be the biggest tax increase in American history. Not only that, but because of taxes and mandates imposed upon health insurance companies by the legislation, health insurance premiums are also about to increase substantially.

Overnight Guy's Comment: Single-payer health care (like in Canada) is the ONLY "health care reform". Anything else is just busy-work that does nothing.

#11) In addition, the new health care law that was supposed to give all of us much better health care is actually going to force the cancellation of at least 60 doctor-owned hospitals that were scheduled to be opened.

Overnight Guy's Comment: Doctor-owned hospitals are a great idea, and long overdue. Perhaps a few lawyers can figure out a way to keep this plan going. Hello? Maybe a few lawyers (with ill family members who need care) can organize this.

#12) The reality is that Americans are increasingly becoming disenchanted with the lack of leadership in both political parties.

Overnight Guy's Comment: This is news? Who has faith in leadership for either political party? Our President should lead by example, and go to Mars himself.

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