This is the End...

Back in 1997, during one of my better radio rants, I proclaimed: "This is the end of the beginning of the end; and therefore, this is the end." I was a bit premature then, but I was trying to make a point. Now you understand the premise.

During this month of October 2000, there have been violent deaths everyday in the middle east. Many of them have been televised. There have been beatings, tortures, and specific bombings of apartment complexes. Today, on Headline News (10-12-00), I watched a child be shot to death while in his father's arms. Did I really need to see that? Also, I saw the (soon to be famous) footage of a policeman being thrown out of a window--and then beaten to death.

Also today, a big American ship, the "USS Cole" was terror-bombed, killing at least 7 Americans. At least 15 others are still missing, and dozens of others were hurt in the blast. As news of today's events spread around the world, worldwide protesting of this unrest began.

Also today, the stock market dived 379 points and closed with the 5th greatest drop in history. Wow. So today was a busy day for the newswhores, stock-traders, soldiers, terrorists, and civilians of the world. My only question would now be this: What exactly signifies the beginning of the end? Tomorrow should be interesting.

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