This is not my list of crap. But it came from a super-smart classy woman's newspaper column ("Ask Marilyn" by Marilyn Vos Savant), so it is worthy of notice:

The 10 Most Unwanted Inventions

#1 High Heels

#2 Jet Skis

#3 Leaf-blowers

#4Automated Telephone Assistance

#5 Television

#6 Video Games

#7 Bass Amplifiers (in cars)

#8 Neckties

#9 Car Alarms

#10 Cell Phones

I agree on many, and disagree on a few in ways that--with an explanation, I am sure that Ms. Marilyn and I would come to an understanding on. By the way; Thank You to her, and to the excellent "Ask Marilyn" section of the Sunday paper's Parade magazine. I love it, and read it every week.

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